Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Parish news and developments for Autumn 2017

Stained glass windows are often admired in churches and cathedrals worldwide.  A visitor to our old parish church building (a retired Bishop of Northern Malawi) was taken with the windows in St Peter’s and reminded us that these – and all stained-glass windows – are made up of small, broken pieces of glass that come together to create a thing of beauty, especially when the light shines through them. 

Our younger parish building - the Peterhouse Church and Community Centre -  is made up of lots of little groups; each one is a thing of beauty, but when they all come together, they make a living, thriving centre, reflecting the best of our community. Why not come along to add your individual beauty to the community?  Find out more at Peterhouse's dedicated website - http://www.peterhousecentre.co.uk/ - or just call in some day soon?!...

More broadly still, our parish church family of St Peter in-the-Forest is also made up of individuals, each with their own lives, their own bits of broken glass, their own skill-sets. Whether one is serving cakes and coffee or serving at the altar, playing music, or making play with children, we all come together before God, and in a living, beautiful church building. We are an inclusive church family and always ready to welcome anyone and everyone into the life of the church.  

We do, increasingly, have groups in to use this older church building during the week, largely for rehearsal space: please get in touch if you’re interested in hiring that space.  (And see a subsequent blog post concerning this...)

Part of our aim as a parish during the coming years is to open up the parish church building and its heritage to the wider community – so do come when you can and enjoy this historic building and its unique Forest setting, stained glass windows and all!...

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