At St Peter's-in-the-Forest we take our charge to care for our people very seriously. Through the sacraments Christ ministers to his people and brings them renewal, healing and spiritual growth. The pastoral care of the Church grows from this dependancy on the sacraments so that at each point in our life's journey Christ is more than able to touch us and give to us what we need to stay close to him.
The pastoral ministry of the Church is rich and varied and the principal minister of this ministry at St Peter's-in-the-Forest is Fr Paul Trathen, the Vicar. Together with a ministry team, consisting one further priest, and two further licensed/authorised lay ministers - ably supported and resourced by the Vicar's PA -  Fr Paul seeks to ensure that the pastoral needs of the parish (approx. 4,500 people) are met as far as possible.
For further details and to make arrangements please contact the Vicar's PA, Karolina Jelonek.

Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals 
Please see the separate page of information.

Ministry to the Sick 
We are always happy to arrange visits to the sick and housebound within the parish. Hospital and Hospice visits can also be arranged.  Further, on regular Sundays, our celebration of the Eucharist includes a time for Healing with Laying on of Hands and Anointing.

Ministry to the Dying 
A priest is available any time of day and night to administer emergency baptism and the Last Rites. Please contact 07871 584997 in an EMERGENCY ONLY.

Spiritual Direction and/or Confession 
This can be arranged by appointment.

Blessing of Homes 
We are happy to visit homes within the parish to carry out a blessing.

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