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Activity Plan Consultant for project 'St Peter's: A Unique Forest Church'


'St Peter’s: A Unique Forest Church’ Project

Brief for HLF Activity Plan Consultant


Consultant role:                               Activity Plan Consultant

Reporting to:                                     Development Manager

Location:                                             Home-based and within the local community

Contract details:                              Freelance contract up to £12,000 in value

                                                                Activity Plan to be completed in time for a June 2018 submission


This document provides a brief for the appointment of an individual or consultant team to produce our Activity Plan following a Heritage Grants first round pass from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Project Background

St Peter-in-the-Forest is entering an exciting phase in the life of the church. We are improving and expanding our Grade II Listed church building to secure its long-term future, see increased community engagement and greater use, and generate increased revenue streams. This will include a new glass extension which will become the entrance and welcome to the church.

An exciting and diverse heritage project will run alongside the new build, restoration and reordering of the church building. We are looking for a consultant to work with the Project Team to develop the outline plan produced at round one to produce the full activity plan.

The proposed activities include:

·         A range of heritage engagement activities around the site to promote participation and learning

·         Interpretation around the church and in the churchyard, with rotating exhibitions on different heritage themes

·         School visits

·         Art therapy

·         Activities around natural heritage in our churchyard

·         Music, arts, talks and cultural events, including theatrical development work

Further details about activities proposed with our first stage application can be provided on request with our Outline Activity Plan.

Scope of work

We would expect the consultant to undertake the following:

·         Provide a detailed timetable to produce the Activity Plan at the start of the contract, providing dates for completion of key activities, methods of work and writing of the plan in line with the overall project plan milestones.

·         Understand and research our specific church context, detailing comparators and competitors

·         To ensure the development of interpretation plans are in line with the plans for the building

·         Lead on and produce the following Activity Plan supporting documents as required:

o   Interpretation Plan

o   Volunteer Plan

o   Training Plan

·         Draw up and deliver a consultation programme with the Development Manager and Project Team, to include questionnaires, focus groups and interviews

·         Work with the Development Manager to identify partnership opportunities for project activities

·         Produce a full draft of the Activity Plan and Action Plan in time for the Development Phase Review and present plans at that meeting:

o   To be achieved by end of February 2018

·         Produce a complete Activity Plan in time for our second stage submission, including a detailed budget, evaluation plans and any supporting briefs or job descriptions required for delivery

o   To be achieved in advance of second round submission in June 2018

·         Attend Project Team meetings as required

The consultant will be expected to supply update reports for the Project Team as necessary. It is expected that regular update meetings will be scheduled and honoured by the consultant and client team.


The total budget is £12,000 including VAT. We would welcome proposals that fall within this budget.

Your fee proposal should be presented in a clear manner, in sufficient detail and in a style that enables a clear understanding of the fee, services, programme and deliverables.

Tender Process and Timetable

Brief advertised                                Tuesday 24th January 2017

Deadline for submissions              Friday 10th February 2017 at 5pm

Interviews                                          Week beginning 13th February 2017

Interested parties will provide a proposal in response to this brief. This will set out how their work will be approached, the methodology, and any matters not covered by the brief. The proposal should include:

1.     How you will respond to the brief, including methodology, timetable and milestones 

2.     Details of relevant experience producing HLF Heritage Grant Activity Plans

3.     A firm quote for the work including all relevant expenses

The scoring of the tender will be as follows:

Methodology and response to the brief
Relevant experience

Following submission of tenders we will shortlist candidate for interviews.

If shortlisted candidates cannot make an interview date in the week specified, they should state so in their submission.

Consultant skills

The consultant will be expected to have the following experience, skills and knowledge:

·         Experience of advising on, researching, developing and producing successful activity and marketing plans for HLF round two applications

·         Experience of developing interpretation, training, and volunteer strategies

·         Experience of consultation with a range of stakeholders and users including volunteers

·         Experience of working with range of specialist contractors, staff and volunteers

·         Knowledge and experience of HLF grants systems and requirements, specifically Heritage Grant applications

·         Experience of financial and business planning, specifically experience of developing visitor income and activity plan budgets and cash flow forecasts

·         Excellent communication and team working skills

·         Good organisational skills

Tenders (and further details on request) to/from Sarah Odell:

Deadline for tenders            Friday 10th February 2017 at 5pm

          Interviews                        Week beginning 13th February 2017

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