Monday, 9 March 2015

Rules for life?...

On the Third Sunday of Lent, the Vicar preached about the Ten Commandments (our first scripture reading for the day being the account in Exodus 20 of Moses being given the Commandments from God). 
He offered this 'refreshed' phrasing of the 'Rules for life..."

*          Watch what you worship
*          Beware objects becoming idols
*          Don’t enlist God to validate your own ideas
*          Live life in a godly balance and let God refresh you
*          Pay special attention to parents and family
*          Don’t damage other people by your words or actions
*          Be loyal to your partner throughout your life
*          Don’t take what isn’t yours and don’t keep what you should be giving away
*          Don’t lie to get yourself out of trouble or to get others into it
*          Live with what you have and give thanks for it

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